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DATE: 2007 | LOCATION: Palm Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

Studio 33 is a small scale commercial project which presented Shane Denman Architects (in conjunction with Greg Barnes Design Group a personal challenge as they were effectively also the Client. 

The built form comprises two separate, two storey buildings of predominantly lightweight construction utilising generous landscaped boundary setbacks to the adjoining residences.


In the provision of the 5 tenancies the floor space was divided up according to the needs of each partner. The front building comprises two 2 storey tenancies of 116m2 each whilst the rear building comprises a 67m2 ground floor office and common toilets under the 91 and 87m2 offices above. The car parking for 12 vehicles plus a visitor is off a central driveway and are all covered.


Functional performance has been met with partners all happy with the outcome and looking to repeat the process with another development in a similar format. The building program was relatively short as the footprint was limited to 2 levels.

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