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DATE: 2022 | LOCATION:  Palm Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

The Marlin Villas is a contemporary expression of suburban infill development for a high-end southern Gold Coast property.  
As a pair of free-standing villas, the design utilises the buildings separation to enhance passive solar qualities of natural light and harnessing of coastal breezes which was particularly important for the south facing site.

Internally, the design is orientated around a central void.  Split-levels are connected within the void via a labyrinth of stairs and gangways. 

The middle floor is positioned to be floating within the volume of the void, demonstrating visual connectivity between all living spaces and the canal. 

The ability to live and entertain with a close relationship to the canal was highly desired by the client.

Open circulation spaces, defined roof form, cleverly placed windows and sub-tropical landscaping encourage cool breezes and enhance visual connection between indoor and outdoor.

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