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DATE: 2005 | LOCATION:  Main Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

A renovation to an existing beachfront duplex at Main Beach.
The project was undertaken in stages, stage one was to amalgamate the two units into one beach house; which was undertaken two years prior to the second stage. 

The second stage incorporated upgrading the entry, relocation of the existing stairs, removal of the solid curved wall which covered a set of external stairs to the roof terrace, a large curved glass panel was added which gave outstanding views to the beach and ocean beyond. The new internal stairs were located in the centre of the house and linked all three levels. 

The roof terrace had a lanai type room added with bi-folding doors which open onto the terrace and a bar, fireplace and built-in BBQ were added to make the area very livable in both winter and summer. The street front presence was upgraded with a new fence, gates and landscaping. This also gave privacy and screening from the hard western sun. In conclusion, the house is now a functional modern beach house, which the client is very happy with the results.

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