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DATE: 2006 | LOCATION:  Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast, QLD

The house is a large home for a family with 5 teenage children and is located on a steep, 1.25hectare site with very narrow access. 

The architect-designed the house to be comfortable, spacious and modern while incorporating the lush surroundings which become part of the final product. The house has great north to north-east views from Currumbin to Coolangatta, and south to Kingscliff, the Cook Islands and the Currumbin Valley. A large picture window in the sitting room allows panoramic views to the coastline which in the evening is peppered with lights. 

The entry is immediately striking as the main entry door is built around a water feature with sandstone steppers placed in the water. A feature blockwork blade projects from the water giving a strong entry access point. This large feature blockwork blade cuts through the house, linking the house both vertically and horizontally. It has stairs attached, allowing access up to the study from the main living area, and down to the media and kids areas. The stairs have a timber screen which becomes a point of interest to the two-storey entry void. 

The kitchen and external living area has a sliding glass wall that blurs the boundary between inside and out, giving a large but functional space that works perfectly with the subtropical environment. White weatherboards are featured externally and carry through the glazing and become internal linings. This reinforces the connection between inside and outside spaces and forms. 

In general, when the architect designed the house, he considered and incorporated the site's environmental aspects, including appropriate orientation and other aspects such as solar and privacy to produce the stunning finish. All the residents are extremely happy with the results and feel it is both very functional and overall a pleasant and easy house to live in.

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