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DATE: 2011 | LOCATION:  Palm Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

Cypress4 illustrates the possibility of a conscious decision to address a problem with an open mind and a sustainable conscience. Cypress4 has a homogeneous combination of the honesty of the original and the individuality of the new. The original 1960’s fibro two-bedroom home was set forward on the long narrow corner block. These traditional beach shacks were on-trend in Gold Coast beach suburbs then, but more recently are being demolished and replaced with much larger dwellings or duplexes.

Shane was originally commissioned in the 90’s for some colour selection and minor works. He was approached by the same Clients in 2008 for guidance in their decision to upgrade or demolish. As the house was part of Gold Coast history the conclusion was to renovate now and extend later. In 2010 he started planning the additions. The brief was a new master suite; kitchen; laundry; service yard and pool. This was a big call for the small 405m2 block but clever design incorporated all the requirements plus more.

Materials and colours were used to form a transitional link between old and new. Natural light, cross-ventilation, water harvesting, solar hot water and passive sun shading devices were cleverly incorporated into the project

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